Vikings War of Clans Equipment Calculator

About Vikings War of Clans Equipment Calculator

Welcome to, an online tool that can help you select the best gear for your task while playing Vikings War of Clans Game. You can think of Vikings Gear Calculator as a guide for your equipment selection, whether that would be the best Hero equipment or the best Shaman equipment for the given task.

By selecting the statistics that are of interest for you a full list of the equipment will be returned ordered by it's type, Hero or Shaman required level in order to use that equipment and also you will get the other stats that are contained in the selected gear.

As you already know there are multiple types of gear: Standard, Invader's, Special and Shaman's gear. Equipment can be one of the following: Helmets, Armor, Weapons, Boots or Amulets. In order to advance in the fastest way, to be stronger than your opponent, to kill invaders or ghosts with smallest amount of energy possible and in shortest time you need the help of this website or you will get lost in the huge amount of choices possible. You have the option to select type of the gear suitable to the level of your Hero and Shaman. It can be Simple, Usual, Unusual, Rare, Epic or Legendary.

The best thing about this equipment calculator is that it orders the items by combined values of multiple statistics and it also gives a list of the other bonuses you get from that equipment. In order to get the best of it you need to know how to use it.

If for example you want to know the best gear for building speed you need to select only building speed from the options and click search. So, you will need to do that once for the Hero's gear and once for the Shaman's gear. This is only a single option and you can easily get that from some simple spreadsheet online.

The beauty of the tool is when searching a gear that takes into account multiple statistics. For example if we want to select the best gear for defending our city we should know that not only defense is taken into account, but also health and attack. So if I want to select the best gear for defending my city and I have mixed type of army I should check following statistics from the options: Total Defense, Total Health, Total Offense, Troop Defense During Defense, Troop Health During Defense and Troop Offense During Defense. If the biggest part of my army is from a specific type, for example melee, I would also add Melee Defense, Melee Health and Melee Offense to the options.

After selecting those multiple options that are important to you in a given situation, the calculator combines those stats and gives you an ordered list starting from the highest combined value of the specific gear. In order to unlock the maximum bonus from the gear you should always choose not only the best Hero equipment but also the best Shaman equipment possible. By combining those two equipment types and also adding the gems and runes for those stats you will advance in the game with minimal effort and also you will get all of your Viking opponents to their knees.